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House M.D. Art
Pens and Paper Stat
Chase pencil sketch 
3rd-Nov-2008 07:15 pm
House; Chase; Mouth hand
  1. Personal Notes - Hi, first-time poster here!  To make up for Chase's loss of airtime on the show, I drew him.  My lack of scanner meant that I had to take a photo with Mac Photo Booth.  Hence the shadowy, grainy loss of detail. Concrit is loved.

  2. Title - Sympathy for the (Tas) Devil.

  3. Art Rating - [G]

  4. Pairing, Person, Gen - Chase, gen.

  5. Summary - When Chase's patient is putting off treatment in "Don't Ever Change" (4x12).

  6. Complete? - Yes.

  7. Link - Here

  8. Work Safe? - Yes.
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