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Know the Posting Format! Second Block Below.

Artwork Should Consist Of

  1. Your Original Art Work. Any Media.

  2. No icons that do not contain your original art. houseicons

  3. No Graphics, there are plenty of other communities for them.

  4. You are allowed to post skins, mood themes, ect. IF
    they contain your original art.

  5. If other members create icons of your work:
    You may post them in the lj-cut under the original piece and edit the note appropriately: w/ art icons.

  6. Clipping images does not constitute doing the work yourself!

Art Icons + Art Wallpapers

  1. Your Own Art Only!

  2. Up to 3 Sample Icons

  3. After 3 Samples, All Icons go under a cut or link.

  4. Wallpapers: Must go under a cut.

  5. Wallpapers: Must be a standard resolution! Minimum size 1024x768 No stretching!

When posting art use the following format.

  1. Personal Notes -

  2. Title -

  3. Art Rating - [You must rate your work appropriately.]

  4. Pairing, Person, Gen -

  5. Summary -

  6. Complete? -

  7. Link - [LJ CUT or Link]

  8. Work Safe? -

  9. How To Place Your Art Under an LJ Cut:FAQ 75

R.E.S.P.E.C.T - Play Nice

  1. Het, Slash, Femme-Slash, and Gen are Welcome.

  2. No Artless Posts.

  3. You may post a thumbnail of your art. If it's too big. I will delete it.

  4. If you'd like to say something random you may place it under notes, please keep it single paragraph length.

  5. You may make short progress posts about WIP.

  6. Anything longer than two paragraphs must be placed under a cut.
    The post may only relate to your own art projects and should contain a question and preview of some sort.

  7. You may not post about another artist's work or anything not relating to House Art.

  8. Brief intros are allowed but MUST include art and follow our format.

Other Rules and Notes

All works not using a live journal cut or link will be deleted within 24 Hours effective May 26th 06.

I will leave one warning, at my discretion.

Lj-Cut is a courtesy measure taken for members of the group with slower loading time.
It also gives everyone the option to view or not view a piece or pairing.

(You may make any comments, intros, or ask any question under the note header.)


This is an open community. Everyone is welcome here due to the large amount of general art. If a post is rated R or NC17, you agree upon entering the community that you will observe any laws that are applicable to you. You may not click on any R or NC17 artwork if you are under the legal viewing age. Artists are also responsible for following the rules of Live Journal as well as any other applicable laws when posting.

No rude comments IE: "Your art is ugly," ect. You will be banned and the comment will be deleted.

No nasty comments about ships that you don't participate in, everyone's pairings are welcome. Please Be Respectful.

If requested by an artist you may leave comments that apply to the work. I.E. : The nose is a little crooked or the shading could be a bit darker.

Mod Post-It

Have fun and enjoy the community.

As you Mod I love to see your artwork as much as the next person.
I'm not here to make you unhappy! Follow the rules!
And feel free to post as much art as often as you'd like!

- Your Mod,


Rules are subject to change or update.
Any changes will be noted in a Mod post.

Work Safe

- A few of you have asked about Work Safe

Work Safe is a rating that tells you whether or not you can view the image at work or a public place.

For instance there may be a PG13/R drawing that is work safe because it's related to violence. But another PG13/R may not be, because of sexuality. Basically would seeing the image get someone into trouble if they were working? If it were you at work would you want your boss to know you were looking at said image.

Other House & ECT

house_art would like to thank LJLayouts for the code used in it's layout.

If you're looking for another sort of House art site such as icons or graphics try -

- house_md
- houseicons